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Needs some work...

2011-09-09 02:41:46 by VooDooCompositions

Realizing the limitations of oneself is never an easy thing to do. However, I've never been one to take the easy way out. I've noticed through comparison here on NG that my lack of theoretical knowledge (I'm in my first year of advanced theory, still a beginner, really.) is my main problem. My stuff is...simple, by comparison. Mind you, I have no intention of quiting until my knowledge is more appropriate. I don't think I could quit writing music even if I wanted to, I'd go mad within a week. Anyways, I won't ramble. Just know that I have nowhere to go but up :)

PS: Please, if you vote (good or bad) on any of my pieces, please leave a review if you can. Honest opinions are hard to come by sometimes, and as long as you keep it tasteful and constructive, I'll appreciate any word you have on it. Thank you in advance.


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