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Entry #8

Good News Everyone

2011-09-22 16:18:55 by VooDooCompositions

Working on what might be my most ambitious project yet. That is, an Alto Sax Concerto, in classical form. I've put the first minute or so up on Newgrounds for opinions (none yet), for music nerds its the first two themes, before the solo instruments comes in to echo and expand upon them. Anyways, if you have an opinion, please, share it!


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2011-09-22 16:49:36

I was disappointed by this post.

VooDooCompositions responds:

Was it the Futurama reference?


2011-09-22 16:49:45



2011-09-25 19:46:55

yes. and since you noticed that too I take back
my previous statement.