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Good News Everyone

2011-09-22 16:18:55 by VooDooCompositions

Working on what might be my most ambitious project yet. That is, an Alto Sax Concerto, in classical form. I've put the first minute or so up on Newgrounds for opinions (none yet), for music nerds its the first two themes, before the solo instruments comes in to echo and expand upon them. Anyways, if you have an opinion, please, share it!

Writers block...

2011-09-17 23:32:02 by VooDooCompositions

Argh! I've been composing for five hours today, and scrapped five pieces. MAJOR writers block :( I've uploaded two older pieces of mine, a Zelda arrangement and one string quartet original, to make up for lost time, but I really hope I get over this block soon...

New piece up, well, sort of. It's actually sketches for an undetermined (form wise) orchestral piece I'm working on. I don't have much experience with large ensembles, so I'm trying to work on changing that. If you listen to it, please, review, good or bad. I need to know what I can do with it. Thank you :)

Needs some work...

2011-09-09 02:41:46 by VooDooCompositions

Realizing the limitations of oneself is never an easy thing to do. However, I've never been one to take the easy way out. I've noticed through comparison here on NG that my lack of theoretical knowledge (I'm in my first year of advanced theory, still a beginner, really.) is my main problem. My stuff is...simple, by comparison. Mind you, I have no intention of quiting until my knowledge is more appropriate. I don't think I could quit writing music even if I wanted to, I'd go mad within a week. Anyways, I won't ramble. Just know that I have nowhere to go but up :)

PS: Please, if you vote (good or bad) on any of my pieces, please leave a review if you can. Honest opinions are hard to come by sometimes, and as long as you keep it tasteful and constructive, I'll appreciate any word you have on it. Thank you in advance.

Looking for "Work"

2011-09-05 17:34:41 by VooDooCompositions

Just what it says, I'm looking for "work" here on newgrounds. That is, I need some experience and since the spots on the forums fill up so quick, I'm posting this as a call out to any and all flash artist who think they could use my work.

My first bomb

2011-09-04 13:52:13 by VooDooCompositions

Seems like my newest piece "Ragtime Experiment" hasn't been doing so well. That's fine, I'm glad to be getting feedback on it. I just wish the people voting would leave a little message saying why they didn't like it specifically, so I could work with it. Oh well, like I said, glad to be getting feedback.

So good So far

2011-09-04 01:14:57 by VooDooCompositions

Well, I can already say this place is more active than most of my outlets for my music. Given, I haven't had many actually worded opinions yet, the voting system has shown great promise. Thanks to those who have voted so far!

New here

2011-08-27 18:01:49 by VooDooCompositions

Well, here I am, for better or for worse. I've been on youtube for a while with my original compositions (over 100!) but this is my first time actually submitting anything to Newgrounds. though, I have surfed here from time to time in the past. I like this place! I really look forward to being here and hearing what people have to say about my music. I won't be posting everything from my youtube on here, and vice versa. So, if you want to see more, just message me and I'll give you my Youtube link.